Film: 11267

Feature Comedy | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Comedy film by the Sheffield Company 1900's

Two legs stick out of an iced over lake. They are female legs with long high heeled boots and frilly white lace at the top. Next to them is a sign which reads "dangerous". A man at the side of the lake notices and points it out to his wife. People begin to crowd around and watch. Two men slide a ladder across the frozen lake towards the legs. A policeman comes into view and nervously steps out. He slips around on the ice. The men get a rope to tie around the policeman and he slowly edges down the ladder. He reaches the legs and pulls them out. Attached to the legs is a wooden sign which reads "sold again". Crowds of children enter and stand by the side of the lake hooting with laughter. The policeman slips over and the children pelt him with snow.


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