Film: 11268

Feature Drama | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Cowboys load horses on a ship and then take a trip to Bataan. Good stock shots of ship and streets of Bataan.

From black the screen fades into a line of horses that are facing the camera, behind them is a large ship with a crew member standing looking over the horses. The camera moves along the horse and we can see more of the back of the boat. Such as riggings and exhausts, regal music plays over this. Shot of three men looking off camera, they are dressed as cowboys. The one on the left of the screen is dressed in a black hat and white shirt, with his hand resting on his trousers. The one in the middle is standing dressed in light clothes and hat and the one the right of the camera is dressed in a chequered shirt and resting his arm against the wall they are against. This cowboy is older than the others. The one on the right says that he hopes that 'there is enough room on board,' to which the central one says that 'you and I have very nice cabins,' but their friend has to sleep with the horses, he says ' if the horses don't kick I wont,'.

Shot of the ship as a horse is winched up onto it. People are standing looking around, , close up of the horse as it moves above the camera, and is put down. The three cowboys look at this in disbelief. Shot looking at the winch system that is used to lift up the horses, two men in period clothing stand by the side of the system, on the right of the shot is a white horse that is being lifted up and In the background a building with a balcony. The horse is lowered down and starts to struggle in the system.

There is then a shot of a river with various ships to either side of it. The word Galveston appears. We can see the ship that the horses were being moved onto sail up the river a large steam cloud appears over the skyline. The word 'Havana comes towards the screen, water smashes against the ship as the camera holds a close shot on it. This cuts to a long shot of two boats in the middle distance, and the word 'Panama' comes up in the same way as 'Havana' did. Smoke can be seen across the top of the screen. Another shot of rolling waves, the word 'Honolulu' appears over the top of this. Shot looking down at the deck of the ship as sailors sit around, rigging can be seen, the word 'Wake' appears in the same manner as before. Rolling wave shot, 'Guam' appears.

The large ship sails past the camera, pier leads to it. Shot looking down at people standing by a dock, mixture of men, women and children all in cloths of the time. One woman waves up at the camera. Some men are also dressed in Naval dress.

Cuts to a shot of tropical plants, this moves up to a sign post saying, 'Limay 2 miles and Corregidop landing 12 miles,'. Camera looks down as people walk down a street in presumably Bataan, one man carries two large sacks over his shoulders, houses can be seen in the background, a single horse and carriage ride on the road side. Shot of a town street, a Ox pulled cart carrying a man in a hat and a boy come towards the camera, further along the street are horse drawn carriages, to the right are contemporary cars. Another street shot, this time looking down, the street is full of horse drawn carriages, people walk amongst this scene. This fades to a brief scene of the cowboys talking in an office, however this is only very brief and the film ends.

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