Film: 11270

London | 1890 | Silent | B/W


Mansion House, Central London 1890's

very busy street with a huge mass of horse traffic, horse drawn carriages, horse drawn omnibuses, hanson cabs, the horse drawn taxi cab of its day, line up in a queue waiting for customers. The horse buses bend and weave a path though the amazingly hectic traffic jam where the traffic goes where there is a space in the street rather to one side of the road. A parade of mounted London police men go though in procession. Though the heaving mass of vehicles, pedestrians dodge the traffic by making a mad dash, taking their life in their hands.

At the very end of the sequence, a tiny little primitive motor car makes its way though the chaos, this rare appearance dates the film to the very end of the Victorian period, around 1899. Fixed camera position.
(film repeats itself)

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