Film: 11289

Adverts | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Canadian Club drink. Rothmans king size cigarettes - pilot driving smart car. Aspirational advertising 1970's

Cadbury's Smash, instant mashed potato.
Two old men, one in tweed, sitting on a park bench talking, one is the Major from 'Fawlty Towers'. They turn around and there is a group of young people behind them talking, having a good time. One of the men puts a monocle in his eye to see what they are drinking…'Its Canadian Club rye whiskey.' the old men looked shocked.
A kitchen counter with baking stuff laid out. Cadbury's Marvel, instant dried skimmed milk powder. Close up stirring the powder into water for baking, Yorkshire pudding, mixing powder into a hot drink.
Very James Bond-ish type add for Rothman's Cigarettes. Getting into a posh BMW car, all close-ups of setting digital watch, doing fancy seatbelt up, leaving the driveway in a hurry, hand moving gear shift. Point of view out the front windscreen along a windy road- in the South of France. A pick up truck dumps its load but the car swerves around it. The car drives over an arched bridge and along a coastal road beside a resort town. The car stops for a kissing couple in a dock area. The car is turned off as an aircraft unloads on the tarmac. A cigarette lights up.
Cadbury's Snack Soup - aging couple in bed - wife's 'schlooping' wakes up husband. Other schloopers are man listening to radio, boy in astronaut advert and man commentating at sports event.
Canadian Club - two elderly ladies in cabin cruiser boat make disparaging remarks about young trendy 70s people moored alongside - 'Youth today is disgusting', 'those sex films'

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