Film: 1129

Feature Drama | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Silent Melodrama. Hansom cab delivers lady to North Dulwich railway station. Man stands at entrance and reads newspaper. He looks like a cad with a straw boater and a large moustache. One of two railway porters helps lady from cab. Man is interested as she reaches into her handbag to pay the cabman. She enters station. She walks along platform closely watched and followed by man. A steam train pulls up and she enters a second class compartment. Man gets in after her. Railway man on platform waves train off. Inside carriage, man reads newspaper as woman sleeps. Man removes his gloves and hat and makes sure woman is asleep. He robs woman's handbag and tucks something into his inside pocket. He puts handbag back onto woman's lap. He tears off his false moustache and sits down. Woman wakes and realises her purse is missing. She argues with man and tries to feel inside his jacket. He strangles her, open the carriage door and throws her out of the train. He closes the door, opens it again and throws her hat out, before closing the door again. (The set is clearly stationary - we can see the cricket ground at Dulwich through the open door). He mops his brow and sits down. Outside shot of two men running down a steep railway cutting to rescue woman who lies on rail tracks. She is just lifted off tracks when train thunders past! On a station platform (actually other platform of North Dulwich railway station), people wait. Train arrives, people get in and out. Thief runs down platform, knocking woman over. Men run to her assistance, and the cad is overpowered. Station guard waves train off seemingly ignoring what is going on around him. Thief is carried off past camera.

A woman joins a train of non-corridor coaches and is attacked and thrown from the train. She finds she has been robbed by a fellow passenger. She is rescued from the side of the track and the villain is apprehended at the next station. The station entrance and train scenes were filmed at North Dulwich station on the LBSCR. The interior of the coach was built out of doors at the Gaumont studios on Fellows Cricket Ground at Dulwich; hence the convenient use of a nearby station. When the door of the compartment is flung open and the woman thrown from the 'moving' train, there is a clear view of the cricket ground!

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