Film: 1130

Railways | 1910 | Silent | B/W


South Western Electric trains. LSWR Electrics.
Train travels along its route. View of business men in the carriage reading the newspaper. Rail workers building a power house. Workers digging and climbing over the steel framework of the building. Chimneys in place. Boilers in position in the power house. Water running over a weir. Cooling towers. Stacking of coal. Control boards and switching gear in the power house. Train carrying rolls of cable for electrifying the line. Rail workers hammering in posts along the lines and laying out cable. Workers fitting insulators. Laying rails on the electrical insulators. Workers bore holes into rails for the fitting of copper connectors. Bolting copper bonds to rails. The building of a fly-over bridge across the rail lines. Craning girders into place. Trains run under the completed bridge.
River Thames as seen from Kingston Bridge. Views from Richmond Bridge. Scenes from Barnes Bridge. Control centre. Passengers disembark at Waterloo Station.
Electric trains passing Clapham Junction. Cleaning crew cleaning the train carriage.

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