Film: 11300

Road Transport | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Film of trams in Piccadilly, Manchester 1930's

Exterior shot of a large F. W. Woolworth's department store on the corner of a busy shopping street. Lots of shoppers and pedestrians walk past the grand looking façade. A policeman with white sleeves stands in the middle of the junction and directs traffic, which includes cars, cyclists and pedestrians, but mainly trams. The trams cross the screen in front of the shop. Nice footage of people crossing the road and milling around.
People board a tram at a stop. Its destination reads "Moss Side, Piccadilly" on the side window. Passengers crowd around to get on board. Other trams stop and pull away in the background, and in the foreground, cars and people pass by.
Shot of queues of people waiting for a tram under shelters. Trams pass by in the foreground. A stationary tram is at the stop, bearing the destination Manchester Piccadilly Stockport". A tram passes by close to the camera with "Salford Corporation" and a coat of arms painted on the side. A couple of school boys in caps and shorts stand by and watch.

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