Film: 1131

Railways | 1960 | Silent | B/W


Slip Coach To Bicester

What a modern travelling public would make of this railway innovation I'm not sure!
A scheme was introduced whereby the fast train to a destination, in this case Birmingham, could also take people to a smaller station without having the trouble of actually having to stop there.

First, the passengers had to ensure that they got into the right carriages, there was no possibility of changing your mind once the train departed. The guard then locks the people bound for Bicester into their carriage. The train departs from Paddington Station, going slowly through the tracks just outside Paddington. We see an early diesel train in the sidings. There is a guard on board the Bicester coach and the man in the signal box has to time exactly the decoupling of the Bicester coach that then 'freewheels' into Bicester station, while the express speeds on! Proper coupling was essential or everyone went to Birmingham. A large bell is on the front of the free-wheel carriage in case of cows on the line!

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