Film: 11359

Adverts | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Advert for Peter Stuyvesant cigarettes featuring Cynthia Moody. Promotes Vienna as a picturesque holiday destination and highlights typical attractions (architecture, culture and cuisine).

Various shots of Vienna's sights on a bright summer's day: the Rathaus (town hall) and surrounding parks as seen from the roof of the Hofburg Palace. Statues of Johann Strauss and Mozart. A quaint house where, the voiceover informs us, the two musicians and Beethoven all lived and worked. The opera house. A horse drawn carriage passes the Burgtheater theatre. Point of view shot of the Hofburg Palace and Michaelerplatz. The Pallas-Athene fountain in front of the Parliament, another horse and coach drives by carrying smiling tourists.

A rustic, open air terrace set high in the hills above Vienna - a must-see café according to the advert. A group of musicians entertain the guests with traditional folk music. A smart and sophisticated man and woman (Cynthia Moody) sit in a shady corner and enjoy the atmosphere over a drink (schnapps?). The man takes a pack of cigarettes out of his jacket pocket and offers one to the woman, which she accepts with a smile. He places the pack in the middle of the table. The man lights Moody's cigarette, she inhales with obvious pleasure and turns her head to take in the beautiful views. Close up of the pack of Peter Stuyvesant cigarettes, which the voice over tells us is "The international passport to smoking pleasure".

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