Film: 11362

Adverts | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Water, a source of beauty and force 1960's Mountains and powerful Waterfalls. Art and water. Old Ship/Galleon.

Venice and St Marks Square. Gondoliers on canal.

A diver plunges from boat into water. Underwater fish. Divers underwater.

Rothmans King Size Advert. A hand takes a cigarette from a packet. A lighter. Lighting cigarette. 'Rothmans, the Greatest name in Cigarettes'.

Colour, title card "Water source of beauty" in green, against a light purple background of water droplet falling, fantasy/fairy type music in background.

Shot of mountains, male voiceover about water gathering force, dramatic music showing waterfalls/water in the mountains. Rotating camera view of waterfall. Change to close up of balloons being held by someone in a group in a public square. Music changes to classical with trumpets. Shot of statues with fountains, The Galleon fountain in Vatican City, voiceover talks about blend of art and water.

Shot of Venice, looking across harbour to St. Mark's Square (Piazza San Marco), with the Campanile of St Mark's church standing out. Gondolier rows gondola. Changes to shot from a gondola as it goes along the river under the bridges. Images of buildings and gondolas along the water. Now on a speedboat, kicking up surf, whizzing past Campanile of St Mark's.

Two scuba divers (one male one female) dive off boat called Marq. We follow them down into the water. Shots of schools of fish, reefs, and sealife. Divers exploring seabed. More fish and coral reefs. Sunset and boat with divers takes off.

Image of Rothman's King Size cigarette pack appears on screen. Voiceover talks about how all the previous things shown are unique and bring satisfaction, and are similar to Rothman's cigarettes. Image of pack being opened by a hand, which takes out a cigarette. Voiceover states this is the world's largest king sized virginia. Camera inspects cigarette while voiceover describes selling points. Another hand lights lighter while cigarette is lit and smoked. Image of cig transitions back to image of cigarette pack. Tagline: "The greatest name in cigarettes".

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