Film: 11372

Aviation | 1960 | Silent | B/W


Orly Paris airport, exterior and interior, night and day Orly 1960's

Frontage to Paris Airport with parked buses. A passing car in front of building with stationary plane just visible in the background. Following passing cars as they journey toward overhead road sign and airport exit. Airport building with large letters on frontage showing 'Paris' panning out to view of the whole building with a watch tower to the right. A couple carrying suitcases cross the road via a zebra crossing. Closer view of building and Control tower. Moving traffic near airport building viewed from different angle.
Interior of airport with people on a moving walkway. Three men, two of which are dressed in uniform, walk alongside the conveyor. A man carrying hand-luggage walks down the airport corridor with overhead signs. Close up of one of the signs 'Paris'. Passengers walking both directions in airport corridor. More views of Paris sign and corridor with people near shop entrance. Overhead of view of an upper floor area with down escalator and probable refreshment area.
01:54 Exterior night views of airport Arrivals terminal. Another angle of airport exterior with moving traffic and bus pulling off. Various external views and airport sign on building.

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