Film: 11384

Natural History | 1970 | Silent | Colour


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Lovely stock shots of cheetah in Africa.
A large cheetah walks away appearing to look for prey before proceeding to sit and rest, turning to his right as a man approaches him.
The man wearing a hat and backpack stands motionless in front of the beautiful African plains as the cheetah moves close by.
The cheetah sits proudly observing his surroundings as the man walks quietly by.
The cheetah prowls through the grass before settling down to clean himself, the man passes by in the background.
The cheetah roams across the flat plain with dried grass and sparse trees with the man standing watching the cheetah.
Close up of the cheetah with the man reaching across to him as if attempting to make contact, beautiful close up of the cheetah moving towards the camera, giving a good view of his spots before moving slowly away, just visible is a plastic bag being held by the man which appears to contain food.
More close ups of the cheetah prowling and sitting.

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