Film: 11387

Personalities | 1920 | Mute | B/W


Russian revolution. This is a collection of clips of images of Lenin, a public gathering at a square, Trotsky, greeting between military leaders, Lenin at home and workers and guards 1920's

In the background, there is a poster written in Russian with some political slogans. An angled view of Lenin on his left side, he is standing wearing a black fur hat and a dark coat, he is clenching his right hand in the air and making a speech, commentary in the background accounts " The inevitable collapse of capitalism and its transition to communism".

A public square fully packed with people all dressed in their work wear, wearing hats and some holding their red flag high up in the air, there are large statues of Karl Marx and Engels (probably 3 times more the size of an adult) in the centre, people are gathering around the statue, and some buildings can be seen at a distance, many are facing away from the camera, there is orchestral music in the background.

First World War, during winter, the snow covers the ground and there is a hut in the centre of the frame, outside the hut, there are some Russian officers and soldiers all wearing dark fur hats, trench coats and winter boots, their morale is high, they are all standing up cheerfully, two soldiers with rifles across their shoulder walks over to the hut with a wooden box, there is a optimistic air. (During this part of the clip, there is a buzzing sound at the background.)

No man's land no trees, no vegetation, close by there is a wired fence, at a distance a team of soldiers attempts to dash across to the enemy line, all of them have a rifle in their hands, however, there are some consecutive explosions that take place right in front of them and thus they are forced to move backwards.

Trotsky, dressed in his army uniform, has wavy wild hair, wears glasses, and has a moustache and a small beard is reading a book in a room, he is sitting next to a window with a curtain, behind him there are some books that are stacked up, in front of him there is a desk and there are also some books on top, Trotsky is relaxed, cheerful, assertive and he is talking with someone that is not visible in the picture. (The edges of the film are slightly damaged during this particular section.)

A train station, winter time, a train is stationed, Trotsky and two more representatives from Russia emerge out from the train, they are greeted by military leaders from Germany, who are dressed in light coloured trench coats, helmets with a spear shaped metal, all three main leaders have moustaches, both representatives bow to each other and shakes their hands, the camera moves to the side revealing there are more army personnel in the background, a commander greets his fellow colleague and there are some soldiers who are standing still in the background, there are some people dressed in civilian clothes.

Moscow, August 1980, image of the outside wall of the Kremlin and the river from the distance, and close up there is a lamp post, there is a music in the background.

Lenin dressed in a suit, with no hat, is sitting down relaxed manner, quite cheerful, his left side is visible, he is crossing his leg and on his lap there is a piece of paper, in front of him there is a desk with paperwork and a radio and telephone, some scrolled up papers are visible in the beyond where Lenin is sitting down, Lenin is talking lively and he uses his hands expressively, the image of Lenin coincides with the commentary that talks of him as "the great leader listened attentively to everybody they (villagers) had to say."

Lenin at home, he is wearing a suit, he has a cat resting comfortably on his lap, whilst stroking the cat he is having a conversation with someone sitting in opposite, beside him either his wife or sister sits rigidly staring sternly at the camera, occasionally the lady looks towards the person that Lenin is speaking to.

Same setting, close up of Lenin. Still the image of Lenin at home holding his CAT and having a conversation. The commentator explains that this is the only existing film of Lenin at home showing his warm and relaxed side of himself at home, the lady is no longer sitting next to Lenin, Lenin rests his right hand on the round table which have some books on top. Close up of Lenin and his cat.

Outside a factory wall, there are three windows in the background, there is a tension in the air, there are more than 18 men, some are dressed in worker's clothes, some are dressed in suits and some are guards with rifles, the men are casually bundled up together and is being led by two soldiers with guns. End of film.

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