Film: 11389

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Odd short items about Sinn Fein the Irish Troubles 1910's

1.Ireland. Possibly Black and tan soldiers in the countryside practising with artillery, moving around in trucks, including a primitive armoured car. Vote Sinn Fein painted on the wall of a ruined building.

2. " Christmas Thrift. New Tabernacle Sick and Provident society share out £20,000 among 17,000 persons at the Leysian Mission " People queue.

3. Men in shirt sleeves and military army types in Uniform dig and lift stones then make a wall. World war one defences possibly.

4. " Field Marshall Sir Henry Wilson presents badges to 1st Cadet Company RMLI " boys in uniforms with rifles over their shoulders line up to receive medals.

5. Comedy clip with jokes about getting work as a wallpaper hanger. Men pasting and hanging wallpaper.

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