Film: 11399

Road Transport | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Car driving at crossroads 1960's

Film seems to run at slightly faster rate than normal?
Jack Warner talks to camera about drivers in traffic who don't give way to other drivers.

Shot of busy intersection watching traffic, pedestrians crossing cautiously, cars from streets off camera inching across to try to merge into traffic, but in doing so, block the traffic going the other way. Another shot of a traffic jam somewhere else, showing cars coming in from the left trying to merge. Shot of complicated traffic jam with traffic at a standstill both ways.

Jack suggests only moving when there's room. Shot of two cars inching up to the line. Shot of first intersection mentioned earlier, not as much traffic, woman crossing with baby stroller waits on median as car in intersection that thought they had room, realized they don't and is reversing. Man in hat and suit, carrying umbrella, walks to median then fully across. Double decker bus appears from the street on rthe ight waiting for traffic to clear. Woman with pram decides to go behind car, bicycle from street on right goes across, as does bus and other cars.

Back to Warner, who points out that taking your time would be appreciated by other drivers, instead of potential glares.

Fade out.

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