Film: 1140

Media | 1940 | Sound | B/W


How sound is mixed for films 1940's

The sound effects are kept on rolls of 35mm film. These are labelled and in stacks eg Crowd - Baseball, Gunshots, Footsteps on Dirt, Footsteps on Cement, Telephone Bells. Two soundmen wearing headphones look at the soundtrack. Shot of one of them. Sound track shown alongside matching labelled sound effects of Crowd Cheer, Racetrack Steady Run and Racetrack Narration. The sound cutters look at the sound track. Sound engineers at control desks in the Re-recording Room. One man turns dials to control the sounds of horses' hooves and the crowds. Another man controls the narration and dialogue tracks. The individual tracks are blended together into a single soundtrack on Movieola, in a dubbing theatre with spools of film on the wall. Finished item, viewing in preview theatre and cinema, with the film (horses racing and the spectators) on the screen.


(2 mins 42 secs)

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