Film: 11427

Sport | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Title card 'The Cup Coming To Lancashire This Year?', Bolton Wanderers (2) … the famous 'Trotters' … defeat redoubtable Leicester City (1). This brief film of the F.A. Cup 5th Round match between Leicester City and Bolton Wanderers played at Leicester's Filbert Street ground, in the 1928-1929 season. The match would have been played in the winter of 1929.

Clip starts with the balding referee, in blazer, shirt, shorts, socks, and boots shaking hands with the two respective captains. Firstly the Leicester skipper, wearing blue shirt and white shorts. Then the taller Bolton skipper wearing white shirt and navy blue shorts. After shaking the referee's hand, the two captains shake each other's hand. The Leicester skipper is handed a coin by the referee and proceeds to toss it into the air allowing it to fall to the ground. It would appear the Bolton captain had called successfully. Long shot of action on the pitch around the half-way line.

The clear action of Bolton scoring despite a valiant attempt by the Leicester goalkeeper. The ball rebounds back onto the pitch from the back of the net. The Bolton players run back towards the centre circle. The Leicester players dejectedly retrieve the ball. The linesman can be seen also walking back to the centre circle. More action from around the centre circle as Bolton mount another attack. Cut to the Leicester goal-mouth where a Leicester throw-in is intercepted by a Bolton forward. Next is what looks like free-kick by a Bolton into the Leicester box. The ball is headed down to a Bolton forward by one of his colleagues. This may be the second goal but the film cuts to the crowd, the back to the Leicester goal-mouth after an successful Bolton attack. Cut to Leicester attacking Bolton goal. The Leicester left-winger cuts inside the Bolton right full-back and sends a cross-cum-shot into the Bolton goal-mouth where it is cleared. Some over-exposed action, the Leicester attacking the Bolton goal in the second half. The Leicester right winger fails to escape the attention of two Bolton defenders and is penalised by the referee for an infringement. More action from the Bolton goal-mouth in the second half as Leicester score their goal past the diving goalkeeper. Shot of cheering crowd, all wearing flat caps.

Bolton won the game 2-1 and went on to win the final against Portsmouth, 2-0.

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