Film: 11466

Shipping | | Silent | Colour


Outtakes of a reproduction of Robert Falcoln Scott's British Antarctic Expedition in 1910, in which they sailed on the whaling vessel 'Terra Nova'.

A tall sailing ship (reproduction on the Terra Nova) docked in an icy landscape of arctic conditions. Nearby, men with sledges are walking around on the snow and ice. The camera suddenly zooms out as the take ends. A closer view of the three masted ship from the side, surrounded by ice and snow. Close-up of a pile of snow. Another view of the ship, its rigging bare of sails. A slightly further away view of the vessel, three men with snow boots and ice sticks walk towards it. A brief view of crew members in blue puffer jackets and sun glasses. Extreme close-up of the surface of the snow, the camera tilts upwards to rest on another distant view of the ship. More views of ship. The ship with funnel smoking and activity can be seen on board. A different view of the vessel with its smoking funnel emanating smoke into a blue sky.

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