Film: 11481

Personalities | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Film director D.W. Griffith behind the scenes on 'Way Down East'.
'A great feature in the making. D.W. Griffith personally directing 'Way Down East', his forthcoming production, said to be the biggest since 'The Birth of a Nation''. Griffith paces back and forth in front of assembled cast of actors on a studio interior set, in the foreground a cameraman with a hand cranked camera films. 'The whole staff is made to feel the spirit of the picture'. A stagehand provides a rocking chair which G sits in and rocks, he gets up and motions actors around the set. 'Griffith has made his reputation on the delicate 'human' touches which feature his pictures'(sic). A woman who is the actress Lillian Gish sits in the rocking chair while G paces around shouting orders, an actor walks onto the set from the right, G moves the rocking chair and continues to direct the actors. Ends. Looks very staged.

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