Film: 11491

Trailer | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Trailer from tacky Swedish sex movie starring Christina Lindberg, 'What Are You Doing After The Orgy?'.

Intertitle: "MISSING SCENE"

Screen split left and right. On left is topless picture of Lindberg. Right half of picture, text: "Swedish Summer.. Swedish Archipelago.. Swedish Girl.."

Intertitle: "What Does That Make You Think Of?"
Intertitle: "Exactly."

Screen split left and right. On right is picture of Lindberg mid-stripping off. Left half of picture, text: "What Are You Doing After The Orgy?". Zoom in on this text.
Close-up on smiling woman's face.
Off-screen voice asks questions in Swedish. Woman answers. Extremely sweaty man answers off-camera voice.
Table on a patio. A couple look under the table and argue. A young woman stands away from them.
A couple stand behind some rocks.
A man sitting on rocks rubs his shoulder. He is looking at Lindberg, who starts taking off her top. Man gets excited, starts taking photos.
Lecherous bald man in yellow anorak talking to naked Lindberg. They are standing on a jetty, leading onto a lake. They walk up the jetty, while he hums happily to himself.
Middle-aged couple start stripping off on a bed with big gold headboard. Room is decorated in tacky 70s fashions.
A man outside a hut shuts the door. As it slams shut, the glass smashes in the adjacent window
Lindberg and anorak-man sit next to each other outside.
Two people run along a bridge in a town at dusk.

Intertitle: "…well see for yourself in…"

"What Are You Doing After The Orgy", same title card and picture as before, with added director credit.
The opening backdrop returns (without the "Sweden" passage), with Lindberg's picture on opposite side, accompanied by a text credit for her.

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