Film: 11493

Social History | 1960 | Silent | B/W


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Policemen search for something in the undergrowth of a wood and amongst drainage pipes.
View of the ground and two feet in wellingtons standing on it, panning up body to reveal a uniformed Policeman in helmet. Policeman walks away from the area to a number of other policeman and civilian dressed men in long coats and caps, spread out searching through woodland undergrowth.
A policeman coming toward us wades his way through undergrowth hitting the bracken with a stick.
Two policemen pacing towards stacked drainage pipes in the corner of a field. Policeman are viewed through the pipes.
A woodland scene, group spread out in distance searching the area walking toward us.
Similar scene with the same two policeman walking near large pipes. A policeman comes into view searching. Policeman in undergrowth, one in shirt sleeves.
Back to wellingtons standing on the ground revealing a policeman standing under a tree who moves off to join search party.

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