Film: 11501

Feature Comedy | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Melies style film of the Devil taking control of a passenger train and driving it under the sea and up mountains.

Whilst a taxi is taking a family to the railway station, the Devil takes the place of the driver. On arrival at the station he disappears. When the train starts, the Devil takes control of the engine and an incredible journey follows. The train flies through the air, along the sea bed, where the train appears to be swimming with the fish. Passengers anxious faces stare out the windows. Passnegers inside a carriage chat to each other before the carriage starts tumbling around the they are thrown upside down. The train then travels up a cliff and down an abyss. Finally the Devil's laughing face is shown in close-up.

The film starts with a number of quite unrelated railway shots obviously made for another film. They show Llandudno station on the LNWR with a train arriving, followed by a departure shot just outside Llandudno with a train hauled by a rare bird indeed - an LNWR Webb 2-2-2-2 Compound! Thereafter, all the railway effects are achieved with a German tinplate 0 gauge toy train set! The station with the family arriving at the entrance is reputed to be Pershore on the GWR.

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