Film: 11502

Railways | 1960 | Silent | B/W


GWR locomotive 'The Evening Star' at Swindon. The last Steam engine to be made by British Railways.

Side view of a Railway employee wearing a hat with badge saying 'Brighton Railways' talking and then turning to look forwards and point something out. A large overhead sign '50th Anniversary' and the stationary well polished locomotive No 92220 'The Evening Star' at the edge of a platform with a set of steps for viewing purposes with several men looking over the train.
Close up of the locomotive insignia 'Evening Star' and plaque below. Close view of the connecting rods and mechanics moving across to view four iron wheels.
(damage on print)
Interior of engine room with wheels, dials and levers. An open door to empty coal burner. Pressure dials.
Between two locomotives, both with steps going into them for viewing, the men walk, stand and chat and look at the trains.
Open doors with equipment, boiler? and pipework.

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