Film: 1151

Sport | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Big Game hunting in Africa 1930's

Elephant hunt with white hunter and natives taking elephant with ropes.
White hunters on horseback followed by Africans riding elephants. Close up on sign "service de Domestication des Elephants". Elephants are dragging a cart and wagon.
Intertitle: Heavy wagons carry equipment and provisions for seven weeks.
Elephants drag wagons down a hill and through a river. Elephants struggle to pull carts up a river bank. They are prodded and hit with sharp sticks.
Intertitle: All roads and villages are left behind.
Intertitle: Through tall grass - then deeply wooded country.
Elephants crash through long grass.
Intertitle: An old timer clears the way!
A bull elephant with long tusks pushes a sturdy tree over and then carries it in his trunk.
Intertitle: A herd has been sighted! Eight Fires are seen! Eight hundred elephants!
Camp at night. African men stand by fire and wagon. Elephant walks past camp.
Intertitle: At dawn, the white hunter and 20 natives start off afoot!
The "natives" all wear loincloths and carry equipment on their heads. The white hunter is actually on horseback.
Intertitle: Elephants feed in groups of 10 to 50.
Group of African elephants grazing around trees. Elephant throws dust over its back.
Intertitle: The beasts are short-sighted but their sense of hearing and smell is keen!
White hunter dismounts and hides in long grass with African man. Africans with boxes balanced on their heads creep through long grass.
Intertitle: Now to surround the herd and select a half-grown calf for capture!
African men unload their equipment. Close up of bundle of rope.
Intertitle: All is ready for the dangerous advance!
Muscular African hunter loads rifle. White hunter in pith helmet pushes them along. Some hunters proceed in a line. The rest stay with their already captured and trained elephants. Hunters crouch in long grass. White man mounts horse.
Intertitle: They become alarmed!
African men run away. Bull elephants with very long tusks storm through a stream.
Intertitle: The chase is on!
White man rides horse alongside escaping elephants. African men shoot rifles and chase on foot. Man catches elephant's foot with rope - other end is tied to a tree.
Intertitle: The elephant's strength is too great! Heavier ropes are sent for!
Small elephant is tied to a tree. Crowd of hunters run around it. White man gallops around on horse. Elephant distressed. Both of the elephant's back legs are tied. It strains on the ropes. Elephant hits several men with its trunk.
Intertitle: He escapes - runs wild!
Elephant breaks free of rope and runs. Men follow. Elephant is recaptured and tied around the neck with thick rope. It struggles continuously.
Intertitle: Brute strength pitted against human trickery!
Elephant pulls at ropes
Intertitle: Ropes are securely tied to a tree but will it hold?
Tree is uprooted.
Intertitle: Again he's free!
Elephant tries to charge at the hunters but is encumbered by the ropes. They run away. Hunters behind elephant try to tie him to a different tree. Elephant secured.
Intertitle: But not for long!
Elephant tied by neck and back leg. Hunters riding elephants approach.
Intertitle: He calms down when flanked by tame elephants!
Intertitle: The captive is made fast to the big beasts who crowd him when he struggles. Strong ropes attach all three elephants together. The outer two are ridden by native hunters.
Intertitle: Triumphantly back to camp after one of the station's most thrilling adventures!
Procession of elephants dragging wagons across river. End..

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