Film: 1152

Sport | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Examples of baggy shorts and heavy boots for players. Last Cup Final with no numbers on back of shirts 1930's

Arsenal goal clearly shown but not in slow motion. Newcastle's second goal clearly shown. However, controversial first in normal speed and slow motion, not clear.
" Arsenal V. Newcastle F.A. Cup Final Wembley 1932"
Queue of spectators for bus to Wembley Stadium. Although a clear day, all wear overcoats and hats. Two buses, an open-topped motor car, a motorcycle and a saloon car pass along the road between the throng of the crowd. Six male fans in flat caps and hats, overcoats, shirts and ties. Wearing large rosettes, they wave and one with his rattle at the camera. Side on shot of the same fans looking away from the camera. Two have cigarettes in mouths. Another three fans face the camera waving rattles and wearing rosettes. Once again they wear suits, overcoats, shirts and ties but caps displaying their team's colours. One rings a handbell. Shot of spectators making their way to Wembley Station - that can be seen in the background. A bus is shown passing through the crowd. Closer shot from same angle as fans all head in the same direction. Police can be seen ushering cars between the fans. Cameras pan to show crowd walking by fence and rest of stadium in the background. Aerial shot of a packed Wembley Stadium. Then shot of car park with cars and coaches parked in line. Fans make their way between vehicles towards stadium. Camera pans back to concourse outside stadium as fans make their way to their respective areas. Cut to inside stadium where packed crowd are engaged in community singing to "Abide with Me". Man in white orchestrating singing is shown with Wembley Tower and Union Jack behind him. Police stand straight on perimeter in front of terracing.
Back to conductor orchestrating with arms on platform. Microphones can also be seen. At finish of song, crowd wave what look like songsheets. Cut to King George V entering the perimeter of the pitch. He wears black bowler hat, overcoat, suit, shirt, tie and leather gloves and carries a walking stick. He is followed by a number of male dignitaries. He stops for the National Anthem and removes his hat.
"Here they are!". Arsenal (red) and Newcastle (stripes). Two teams, led by respective captains enter playing area. Each captain carries a ball. The players walk on to the field in opposing pairs. David Jack of Arsenal adjusts his shorts as he enters the field. The shy Cliff Bastin of Arsenal shields his face with his hand as he passes the camera. Cut to the Arsenal team being presented to the king. He shakes the hand of Bastin. Next it's Newcastle's turn.
Switch to the centre circle where the referee and two captains stand. The Newcastle captain tosses the coin for choice of ends and Arsenal win, electing to change ends. Cut to high shot of crowd. Cut to action on pitch and Newcastle clear an Arsenal attack. Cut to a different camera and a Newcastle defender volleys the ball to a colleague from inside his own penalty area. His colleague, harassed by an Arsenal player, eventually loses the ball. Another Arsenal player centres the ball into the Newcastle box, where it is headed away by a striped defender. Back to another camera for an Arsenal attack down Newcastle's left wing. The ball is propelled into the area but cleared by a Newcastle defender. He boots it upfield. Cut to ground camera behind the Arsenal goal where a Newcastle attack breaks down. Switch to an Arsenal corner kick that is cleared by the Newcastle keeper and a defender. Back to behind the Arsenal goal where The Gunners' goalkeeper fields the ball under pressure from a Newcastle forward. The ball is punted upfield by the goalkeeper.
"Arsenal Score!" A cross from the right is missed by the Newcastle goalkeeper and headed home by Arsenal's David Jack. He is congratulated by team mates as Newcastle retrieve the ball from the back of the net.
Cut to ground shot of packed terraces.
"…. And in slow motion"
Slow motion shot from behind the goal of Jack scoring. High panning shot from behind Arsenal goal of action on pitch. Another Arsenal attack down the right wing which ends with the Newcastle goalkeeper collecting the ball. He punts it back up field Back to behind the Arsenal goal for a corner kick that is successfully cleared. High angle shot of Arsenal penalty area that results in a Newcastle shot easily held by the Gunners' keeper. From behind the goal a high shot of Arsenal clearing a Stripes' attack. Ground shot from behind Arsenal goal in slow motion as keeper fields the ball and kicks left-footed upfield.
"Newcastle Score!"
A right wing cross close to the by-line is converted at the near post by a Newcastle forward for the equaliser. Arsenal complain that the ball was out of play before being crossed but to no avail. Striped players congratulate the scorer.
"….. And in slow motion"
From the ground camera behind the goal the ball is shown entering the net.
"Half time ….Arsenal 1 - Newcastle 1"
Newcastle attack the right wing but Arsenal clear for a corner. Switch to another Newcastle attack that results in a timely interception by an Arsenal player. He gets injured and lies on the grass holding his leg. As the ball goes out of play, the Newcastle player bends to assess the seriousness of the injury.
"Newcastle's winning goal"
High shot of Newcastle in possession in midfield. Cut to ground camera behind goal. A Newcastle forward shoot left-footed past a trio of Arsenal defenders. The ball beats the despairing dive of the Gunners' keeper, hitting the foot of the post and entering the net. This action is shown in slow motion.
Shot of the King and Queen seated in the Royal Box. The Queen is shown using an eye-glass. "Final Score - Newcastle Utd. 2 - Arsenal 1 - and the teams receive Cup and medals from Her Majesty".
The Newcastle captain is shown leading his team up the stairs to the Royal Box. Fans pat him on the back as he passes. He adjusts his shorts before being presented with the cup from the Queen. He shakes her hand and accepts his own medal. As he moves off with the cup under his arm, his team mates receive their medals. He is then shown descending the stairs, cup in hand. Fans reach out to touch the glistening trophy. The players are congratulated by the fans as they descend the stairs. The Arsenal captain, putting on a brave smile is shown receiving his loser's medal from the Queen, watched by his team mates.
Some lines on filmgood examples of baggy shorts and heavy boots for players.

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