Film: 11523

Transport General | 1910 | Silent | B/W


The opening of the Middleborough Transporter Bridge over the River Tee.

Formal opening ceremony to mark the opening of the transporter bridge over the River Tee in the presence of a crowd of spectators and dignitaries. Men wearing formal attire of top hats, coat tails and legal advisors wearing lawyer's wigs and robes congregate on a raised bridge platform. A man wearing a large medallion, possibly Mayor, exits the platform followed by three men wearing attire of the Queen's Court. In the foreground a photographer stands with his back to the camera facing the platform. A wide shot shows the crowd and dignitaries with an iron bridge in the background, at 00:27 one of the spectators takes a step back and falls off the travelling platform, those aboard the platform turn around, police officers and two women wearing bonnet hats rush towards the incident as the platform travels across the bridge, and the police constables assist the man the stationary platform. A procession of men and women walk towards the camera. A wide shot of the transporter crossing the River Tee.

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