Film: 1154

London | 1940 | Silent | B/W

Link to video clip:


Amateur home movie of Kew Bridge and what was old film studios. Cecil Court.

A chalk board with 'In 1920 there were two studios at…' surrounded by film equipment. Exterior of the British Railways -Southern…Kew Bridge Station'. Another chalk board with 'Stoll Films at the Boat-house studio' … A white building, rather house -like with 'Boat House' and 'Courage' in letters on the side, it is now a public house. Various angles of the Boathouse, with Courage Ales and Stout sign. The top of the boat house seen from the road bridge, Kew Bridge, beside it, then the view down the road going into Kew, pedestrians walk along the side of the road and cars drive into the town. The chalk board again, 'Lucky Cat and Walter West films at Q Theatre.' The Q theatre on a busy street. The skylights on the theatre roof. Exteriors of the Q Theatre, the lot. An alley lined with scaffolding. The Cecil Court building exterior.

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