Film: 11550

Feature Comedy | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Comedy about women's rights.
A group of three
navvies are digging a hole in a road; From the rear a group of suffragettes and a young man dressed in posh boy clothes approach holding banners saying things like 'Let us have our vote', "We demand our Vote" - the women ply the men with their leaflets while the young man joins the navvies in laughing uproariously - the navvies seem to collect together some pound notes and give it to the women; there follows a jump cut to the same scene but now the Suffragettes are digging the hole and the navvies are holding the banners - the young lad laughs and laughs - then the workmen march off carrying the banners while the women continue to labour on the road - (a woman and a pram are seen watching in the background)

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