Film: 11561

Sport | 1910 | Silent | B/W


The Derby in 1912
Pan across the main grandstand and car park. Absolutely packed stand and car park heaving with people, open topped buses parked for the best view, all types of road vehicles, a few advertising hoardings are visible " Frank Wade", "Pears Soap" and "Alfred Tyler".

A mass of humanity nearly all with boater hats or flat caps, surging around the bookies stands, tents and buses in the distance. The main road into the race course, a few motor cars and horse buses, a horse bus decends the hill and comes up towards us, as the coachman whips the horses with passengers, men and women on the top. Cars coming down the hill to the racecourse, two policemen ride by on horseback, another horse bus passes. The backs of the crowds wait and police horse men pass followed by an horse drawn open coach, the crowds raise their hats as it passes and brief glimpse of King George V and Queen Mary can just about be seen, the queen in white, a motorcade then follows, some of the crowd then turn to the camera.

Intertitle :" Durbar II wins the Derby by 3 lengths ". The jockeys on horse back mill around and line up for the off, officials mingle on the ground amongst them, the grandstand is just visible in the backround, they're off ! As the horse charge off. At the bend of Tattenham Corner, the horses race around while a huge crowd watches. From the point of view of the grandstand at the winning post, the crowd watch, some with binoculars, the camera pans to the winning post itself, the crowd rises to its feet as the horses dash past.

A posh crowd in top hats and smart gowns surge towards the police leading in the winner.

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