Film: 11563

Railways | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Benguela railway in Angola Africa
Intertitle: On leaving Huambo we pass the rich farmlands round Silva Porto.
Steam train leaving Huambo, the driver leans out of the window and the carriages passing.
A bridge over the Quanza river in Koemba District. P.o.v. locomotive passing through the iron tunnel with the track ahead. The locomotive coming out the other side the bridge. Passing through forest lands.
A construction depot with men loading materials. The construction train with workers riding in open carriages and a flag being waved at the front of the locomotive. The slow moving train comes to the end of the laid track and the workers unload. A group of black workers take a section of track from the train and carry it to the line where another group are ready to lay the track. The first group bringing the next section.
Intertitle: Natives get busy on the track
A long line of men shovel dirt from the side of the track and are then tamping the ground between the tracks.

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