Film: 11564

Politics | 1940 | Mute | B/W


India during partition 1947

A movement for partition. Indian Muslims carrying a placard of Jinnah, the father of Pakistan. Thousands of Muslims in the streets of India challenging the Indian National Congress's Philosophy of unity. A map of united India gradually being carved and then inflamed. Houses are burning because of communalism, because of religious rioting. Mass migration and displacement of people. Vulnerable children, women and men on the move. A women with all her possession looking hopeless. Children and elderly looking frail. A mother is feeding her baby as she makes the move. An old man looking helpless. The flag of Pakistan in the air. Jinnah signs a document. The Indian National Congress leaders looking dissatisfied. Debate and discussion of partition. A mosque, the symbol of Islam. Millions of people migrating for religion. Displacement. Another Muslim leader stands in solidarity with Jinnah. Celebration for the foundation of Pakistan in Urdu. A Muslim leader holds high the flag of Pakistan but at the same time tension is in the assembly. Jinnah speaks for the Muslims. The soldiers marching, carrying banners in Urdu, calling for Pakistan. Old Jinnah driven whilst people salute and hail him in masses. Jinnah speaks with confidence and then sits.

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