Film: 11566

Aviation | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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'Ascot of the Air'
Vast crowds witness breath taking stunts in magnificent display of R.A.F. at Hendon.
Parked vehicles and crowds. Two women walking toward camera. Planes performing overhead with a display and lots of smoke on the ground.

'Schneider Cup Plane'
'The new Rolls Royce S6 one of the British hopes for the most coveted trophy of the air'. Schneider Cup Trophy 1929.
Plane on skis being towed by a boat.
'The British Team'
A line up of R.A.F. men in uniform and close up of one of the team.
'Honours well deserved'
Colonel Lindbergh the lone Atlantic flyer awareded title of Champion Aviator of the World'.
Crowd surrounding the plane 'Spirit of St Louis' A man with megaphone.
'Lady Bailey first Lady Champion Aviator of the World'.
Pilot gets out of the open cockpit of the plane. Lady posing for photographers next to plane.
'Brave Jim' Record flight across the Atlantic. Plane in the air. Crowds. Pilot surrounded by people and waving.

'Norwich Air Pagent inaugurated by the Lord Mayor for the purpose of forming a Light Aeroplane Club for Norfolk'.
The Mayor in top hat admires watch chain? Worn by pilot. Pilot gets into the cockpit. Close up of pilot in goggles and plane taking off. Aerobatics in the air and coming into land with the hangar in view and the words Norwich Club on the roof of a building. Two planes flying. (This section is repeated)

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