Film: 1158

Feature Drama | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Early and exciting British Melodrama. Hero performs many heroic deeds to save the day.

Three seaman, sailors below deck on a ship, sit sround a table in a comfortable looking compartment. One of them reads a letter. Intertitle - "May I go ashore Sir? I know the lingo of these people, and might get on their track". They summon a young man to go with him and shake his hand. The two men leave a small sailing boat.
A street where well dressed men and women walk past shops. They pull up in a car and go into a café/restaurant. A waitor takes their hats and seats them at a table. They watch the goings on at the place suspicious of everyone who walks in. When left alone they pull up a hatch in the floor and climb down. They find themselves in a cellar and he climbs up a ladder to eavesdrop on the room above where a group of men are having a hushed conversation around a table. Intertitle - "Tonight Johann will visit the pier and place his bomb, if that fails we have the other scheme..on the track"

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