Film: 11581

Shipping | 1910 | Silent | B/W


'The Greatest Ocean Liner, The Titanic at Southampton prior to her ill-fated maiden voyage'. The Olympic ocean liner. Before departure in dock in Southampton, a rear side view. Headquarters of the White Star shipping line at Oceanic House in London at the junction of Haymarket and Pall Mall, (Cockspur Street). News breaks, probably in London, newspaper sellers in the street. They have various billboards which refer to 'latest news' and 'list of survivors'. A newspaper delivery van drives up and men rush to collect newspapers:

Evening News Special
12 Noon Edition or 12 calls for help. The newspaper headline shots are from the pm of 15th April 1912 - the day the ship sank. The company building entrance shots in Cockspur Street is from that afternoon. The different angle showing the American Line flag at half-mast and Oceanic House is from 16th April. The scenes at St. Paul's Cathedral are from 20th April.

Memorial service at St. Paul's. People arriving or departing. Black coach with heraldic symbol on door - red cross on white background, possibly Lord Mayor?

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