Film: 11582

Trailer | 1930 | Sound | B/W


The Last Journey (trailer)
The word 'Danger' over a hazy background of railway signal gradually grows in size. 'Get… Ready' with background of railway line track 'for the most sensational TRAIN THRILLER ever made!' Radio waves and imprinted the names of those starring Julien Mitchell, Hugh Williams and Judy Gunn in 'The Last Journey'. A passing Express train with carriages trailing. Sudden change to a shocked woman's face with her mouth open as she stands rigid backed against a wall and shouts. Close up of steam pressure being released as the whistle blows. Steam swirls over a dark outline of the engine. Front view of the locomotive. Overhead view of locomotive with steam billowing over the carriages as it hurtles along the line. The approaching locomotive from another viewpoint down the line. The train looking somewhat lesser in size (almost model size) going over a high viaduct seen from ground level with a few fir tress and view of mountain through one the arches. Close up of carriages as they round a slight bend swaying on the track. Close up of the huge iron wheels turn on the track with piston rod movement. The music gives impression of speed as a close view of the railway tracks ahead crossing over one another p.o.v. locomotive for a short distance. Approaching locomotive from high angle on 4 line track and steam flowing from the funnel as it gets closer revealing the number 1000 on the front until all we see is white smoke which gradually fades away.
Distant silhouette of locomotive seen from track level with power lines in the background and the black outline closing in and the undercarriage goes over revealing only flashes of daylight between the wheels. Another high angle view of passing train through countryside with a stone barn and cornfields.
Commentary ' Lookout a hurtling express rocking over the metals while a madman driver results in his fiendish scheme to wreck the train and crash the load of terrified passengers!' At the same time different views of the locomotive moving through the flat West Country with a few trees and passing a similar train coming from opposite direction with image of electric pole in forefront.
Serious face of driver in hat frowning and eyes looking forward with no movement. Commentary 'Real sensation of the moment with Julien Mitchel, Godfrey Tearle and Judy Gunn' as the still images of each appear on screen.
Intertitle: TRAIN-LOAD OF TERRIFIED HUMANS! AT THE MERCY OF A MADMAN DRIVER' over faded background of railway scenes. 'A mile a minute railway drama'.
Again the names of those starring appear on screen as each one appears, Hugh Williams with moustache, Godfrey Tearle and the attractive photo of Judy Gunn.
'And an all star supporting cast in The Last Journey'.

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