Film: 11602

War + Military | 1910 | Silent | B/W


World War One wounded. River scenes. Blind soldiers being led by the side of a river, probably in England. One blind soldier rowing with a boy scout.

It is light outside, appears to be daytime, exact time of day unclear, a racing boat out on the water, propelled forward by four men who are facing the back of the boat (the stern), with a fifth man (the coxswain) steering the boat facing the direction the boat is travelling (the bow), the oars look like they are held in place at pivot points that are in fixed positions, the boat and the oars look like they are wooden, the four men in possession of the oars in the racing boat are dressed all in white, wearing short sleeved tops and white bottoms, the man steering the boat is dressed in a white long sleeved top and dark bottoms, he is also wearing a cap
There is a row boat in the background being rowed by one person towards the direction of the racing boat, the row boat has two oars driving the row boat forward, there are trees in the background running along the length of the water, there are other people around the water side and within the water itself far in the background
The racing boat looks like it is arriving at its destination, the four men look like they have just stopped rowing, the momentum of their previous rowing is propelling the boat forward, the men appear to be catching their breath, two of them leaning forward to ease their breathing, two of the men look behind toward the direction the boat is moving, the oars sit resting on the top of the water, held steady by the four men, the man steering the boat sits still steadying himself inside the boat with his hands holding on to his seat behind him as the boat moves forward.
SCENE CHANGE – 00:04:20
It is light outside, appears to be daytime, exact time of day unclear but the background is misty, possibly could be early morning or late evening, a group of men are walking in a line, one followed by the other, each man uses the man in front of them to steady themselves as they move forward, resting one hand, some men using both hands to keep contact with the man in front of them, the men are moving along a footpath, the location looks like a park, there are trees around them as they move forward, they are walking past a low in height metal fence, there is a man in a hat and overcoat watching them pass by from a distance on the opposite side of the fence, the group of men are led by one man who walks in front unaccompanied, the man who leads wears dark glasses, he is wearing a pale coloured waistcoat or possibly jumper with a dark suit and flat cap, the men are dressed in dark suits, lightly coloured shirts, dark ties, some of the men wear flat caps and overcoats, the man who leads the group is carrying his overcoat,he keeps checking the progress of the men following him, all the men are moving at quite a quick pace, some of the men wear sunglasses, which are small with rounded framed, some of the men are not looking in the direction they are moving, rather their faces are directed downward or up up towards the sky, keeping themselves on track by holding onto to the man in front of them, there is a man at the back of the group with a cigarette in his left hand as he rests his right hand on the man slightly ahead of him, as the group move along the footpath there are two men following the group, the man who walks on the right hand side is dressed in a long double breasted overcoat, the coat is buttoned up, he also wears a hat, this man is holding the right arm of the man who walks on his left hand side, the man walking on the left hand side wears a suit with a waistcoat and flat cap.
SHOT CHANGE – 00:17:08
Man sits down in a wooden boat, he is trying to steady his balance as he sits, the boat is on the water it rocks as he moves, he is facing forward, this man is dressed in a suit and waistcoat, there are a collection of medals attached to the left hand side of his suit, there is another man in the frame who is seen moving back after helping the first man into the boat, the man on dry land hovers over him, looks like he is checking to see whether the man in the boat is safely inside the boat, another man in a dark coat and hat is helped into the boat with his back to the screen as the man in the boat with the medals puts his hands out to his sides and feels for the oars, he is not visibly looking for the oars, seems unsure whether he has found them, he eventually catches hold of both oars, the man who has boarded the row boat is wearing a long overcoat and a hat,
The second man into the boat makes a verbal exchange with someone behind him that they are ready to depart, a man on shore slightly off screen pushes the boat with a stick away from the side of the docking area to help the small row boat on its way, the man who first boarded manages to grab hold of the oars, the boat begins to move away from the docking area.

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