Film: 11609

Feature Comedy | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Two naughty boys at the dinner table draw a moustache and a beard on a babies' face. Mother comes in and hugs the baby. Close up of baby crying. Naughty boys are at the foot of a staircase in their house with a rabbit. The maid leaves a serving dish with cover on the sideboard in the hall and leaves the scene with another housekeeper. The boys are seen fiddling with the serving dish, they replace the master's dinner of meat with their white rabbit. The butler takes the serving dish into an adjoining room and closes the door behind him. The boys peer around the door before hiding behind the stairs. The master exits the room holding a rabbit by the scruff of the neck and hands it to the butler. A maid drags the two boys from their hiding place. The master (father) drags the children off screen, followed by the butler carrying a cane. Boys are then seen wiping their eyes with hankies, following their unfilmed punishment, but manage to have a big laugh about it, as they pull a piece of board/padding out from their trousers .

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