Film: 1161

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


New York City and the New York Elevated Railway. U.S.A. 1950's
The Empire State Building is seen from ground level, beneath a bridge. Old rail carriages are seen disused in a railway sidings. A train moves on the elevated railway system, going between buildings on a raised track. People alighting from the number 1401 train, onto the platform. The train can be seen moving high over the Bronx park, with trees and bushes almost clouding the train as it moves, East Side kids are seen swimming beneath a bridge. The rubble of demolished old tenements is being cleared by bulldozers in preparation for the erection of new buildings. The train service carries 270,000 passengers per day, old and young are seen on the train, two young people are sitting very close together, a nun sits reading a book, followed by a bum sleeping flat out on one of the seats, his hat obscuring his face. The train passes the Waldorf Astoria. The train pulls into the station on 42nd street. Children are seen playing in the street in the east side. Oriental men and women walk toward camera in Chinatown. A bum with one shoe on and one off sleeps on the pavement beside the doorway to a shop. The train crosses high above wall street, with pedestrians crossing over the road. We see a potbellied stove in a room at the next station. The train then moves through New York Bay, the scene becomes very open when compared to the previous narrowness of the high rise buildings that the train has been moving through. A shot of the bay with the Staten Island ferry heading over to the Statue of Liberty. There is a nice shot of a woman living next to the railway line hanging her washing out on a line over the tracks, must have a terrible job getting the linen dried of an afternoon. The train then rounds a corner and disappears out of sight from left to right of camera.

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