Film: 11616

Feature Comedy | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Wrestling on stage.
Two women wrestle before bowing to the audience. They immediately switch from their wrestling costumes into long black dresses and leave the stage. They return with white scarves which they put over their heads before removing them only to find they have turned into men. The men wrestle with the fighting getting more ridiculous as they start losing their limbs. One man "puts the other back together" again and they bow to the audience. The two women join them on stage and they all bow together, before the men pick up the women and the women disappear. The men leave the stage. Another larger man enters followed by a small man. The small man tries to wrestle the large one but fails. The large man falls on top of the small one and flattens him. He shakes him around like a cardboard cut out! He folds him up and turns his back. The "flat" man returns to normal, stands up and throws the large man into the air. He crashes back down onto the stage and the thin man jumps on him, amidst clouds of steam/smoke that puff out of the fat man. He leaves the stage. The large wrestler returns to normal and leaves the screen.

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