Film: 11634

Feature Comedy | 1900 | Silent | B/W


A Policeman with his helmet in his hand takes off his coat and puts it over the corner of a bench. He lies down on the bench.
A woman in a pinafore and hat with flowers in it is sat on the street selling hot pies. A strange man in a tall hat walks by carrying a suitcase. He stops puts down his suitcase and takes a pie to eat. She confronts him and he checks his pocket to find he has no money. She takes the pie from him and he leaves.
The man goes on and approaches the Policeman who is sleeping on the bench. He puts his case down and takes out and discards several items looking at the Policeman, then he takes out a wig and puts it on. Hen then takes the sleeping Policeman's coat and puts that on.
Dressed as a policeman he returns to the woman selling hot pies and again takes a pie. She looks at him and objects but he takes more pies before walking off. She stands up looking very annoyed.
At another location there are two men, one selling orangeade and the other hot frankfurters to a customer. The customer leaves. The 'rogue' policeman approaches wanting frankfurters and orangeade. He then helps himself to another frankfurter but the stall owner runs over to two policeman with his arms in the air.
Several other people gather round to see what is going on.
They all go over to the frankfurther stall where the 'rogue' policieman is just finishing off and dabbing his mouth with a serviette before leaving. He returns to the sleeping policeman on the bench, returns his coat and runs off.
He stops at a tree clutching his stomache and slumps down.
The two policemen wake the sleeping policeman and is joined by the others including the frankfurter man and the hot pie lady. The woken policeman is bewildered by the everything going on but holds his hand to his ear hearing something. They all follow the noise and find the 'rogue' slumped against the tree. They surround him whilst he continues to hold his stomach.

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