Film: 1165

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie of street scenes of St Albans, Hertfordshire.
Antique shop. The Abbey. Market day and stalls. Buses arriving.

The antiques store in St Alban's, three children gather outside and peer through the window which is filled with antiques, a woman joins them. We then see St Alban's abbey, looking at the top of the Abbey and then coming down to look at the main part of the building, the camera then looks around and we see people walking past the cathedrals front. A large group of people walk past the front of the abbey, some are wearing ruby shirts while others walk into the abbey, the camera then looks up at the archways, to the stained glass windows. Then a shot of the two arches, looking over at the lower section of the abbey. A house with black frames, a woman walking past it. Shot of the roman columns in the town hall. A donkey walks past a fence, children then pet the donkeys head, some feed it but the donkey does not seem hungry. Shot of the outside of the castle, a large building with two columns either side. Close up of the donkey and then of some pigs as they run around a field, with the castle in the background. People walk under the castle arch, a lamp post to their right. Another shot of the abbey, this time from the distance looking up at the building. Close up of a Tudor style pub which has the title, ' The Fighting Cocks,' the camera moves to the side of it to show people walking through the alley. We then see a group of people gathered looking at the camera, one of them is very possibly a man dressed as a woman, and an other has a trilby hat on and is smoking a cigarette. The market stalls are packed, people selling furniture and other pieces are gathered, old style paintings and prints can be seen, sacks on the ground. We can now see the main street in St Albans, the street goes up in a bend and people are walking around the camera turns to the other side of the street wear we can see more people. The market is now completely packed with people. People get off a bus that has a sign saying ' phosferin' on the back. A distant shot of the abbey as we see a car drive past. Three women and a child sit in a meadow enjoying a picnic drinking tea. They walk towards a car which pulls out and drives off down the road towards the camera. They get out, the man smokes a pipe, the rest follow, two shake hands.

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