Film: 11651

Railways | 1940 | Silent | B/W


L.M.S. railway in 1941
Cleaning engines. Driver and fireman climb aboard (one has a tin helmet - this is during World War Two) Coal falls from chute into the train. Other driver and fireman climb into locomotive. Levers pulled. Coal shovelled into firebox. Smoking chimney. Tightening bolts on the loco. Steam being let off. Two shots of goods trains passing. Some shots of locos at depot. Train entering tunnel (viewed from rear). Close up shot of train passing by platform. Driver and fireman in cab. Train passes under camera position (probably a bridge) with lots of smoke. More shots of driver and fireman shovelling coal into the firebox. Goods train passing below. Signal and signalman pulling levers. Guard on platform waves flag and Coronation Scot train leaves (Euston?) Wheels skidding on the rails.

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