Film: 11669

Food + Drink | 1910 | Silent | B/W


An advertisement dating from the time of the first world war, containing some basic animation.

Intertitle: The men who do this sort of work...
Forest scene. Several men are gathered. All wear what appears to be a uniform of khaki shirts and hats. Two in the centre are sawing a tree.
Three to the left of the frame are chopping at felled wood. Four horses can be seen in the background. Cut to two horses tethered to a cart on which there are several large logs. One man holds the horses' reigns.

Intertitle: Need invigorating food...
Cut back to the first scene. The men suddenly all break from their work and clamour round the bottom left of the frame - possibly to receive their invigorating meal?

Animation: On a black background, a white bag appears and from it, a pile of beans are poured onto a table(although they are not seen falling).

Intertitle: Beans and a little pork...

A few unpleasant looking globs of pork appear on the table alongside the beans. All the food seems to propel itself into a cooking pot which can now be seen under the table.

Intertitle: Are the main food of these Canadian Lumbermen...

Cut to a lumberman, smiling at the camera, his colleagues can be seen in the background. He is seated and in his hand there is a bowl of bean and pork mixture. He proffers it in the direction of the camera and appears to mouth the words, "try some".

Cut back to the animation background with a heap of white beans in the centre of the frame. The beans gradually make the words "Beans are an energiser".

Cut back to the lumbermen at work. One large tree is felled. Another man steers two horses. Two more men continue sawing a tree and felled logs are chopped. All of this happens at an artificially quick pace, presumably designed to illustrate how good beans are for workmen.

The End.

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