Film: 11700

Railways | 1930 | Mute | B/W


Puffing Billy locomotive 1930's

The edge of a lake and water. Grass blowing in wind. A reflection in water of a man standing. Puffing Billy in the background with grasses in foreground. A man with handle of a tool or an oar in his hand. Five men watching. The locomotive with men standing on carriages with shovels. Puffing Billy's chimney. Men shovelling. The men pushing a carriage and turning the wheel by hand. Close up of locomotive wheel on track. The driver steps up into the engine, checks the steam and waves. Another man with missing teeth. A man shouts. Another man takes a drink from a glass bottle. Man smoking a pipe waves and the man with bottle acknowledges.
Shovelling coal into boiler. The wheels move on the track and the pistons move up and down. Moving locomotive shots.
A cow stands on the track and the men can be seen on the track waving in an attempt to move the cow.

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