Film: 11718

Fashion | 1960 | Silent | B/W


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A model strips in Austins Store window nudity as window dressing 1960's

A busy street scene and View of the shop 'Austins' Crowd gather. A man in a suit talks on a microphone with a rack of clothes in background. A woman is modelling in a shop window. A policeman can be seen outside on the street with passing shoppers and a sign for Boots the Chemists.
The model in a coat starts to take it off. A man with glasses and more of a crowd peering at the window. The model opens a sheepskin coat she is wearing to reveal herself in underwear causing attention from public outside. A woman in a headscarf passes not sure whether to look or not, and a couple of old ladies looking a little shocked at what they see. More people looking on.
A close view of the models face smiling and now modelling in bras and knickers with boots on.
In the entrance to the shop the cameramen take photographs, one of them asking her to turn to look at him. Mens clothes are in a window display.
Inside the store the model in underwear only takes a tape measure to a young man in a suit. Shelves with packed shirts are on a display behind them. He smiles embarrassed as she checks his measurements and more onlookers gaze from outside the shop. Close view of model and man together.
In the window on a turntable with a fur coat covering her one shoulder otherwise in underwear the model sits with her back towards us. The turntable turns slowly to see her front. Then discarding the coat she repositions herself adjusting her bras. The crowd on the street outside the shop and the shop front.
Inside the model wearing no bras covering herself with her arm turns almost dancing.
From the back her knickers are pulled low revealing the top of her bum. A policeman passing scratches his chin as if not sure what to do.
Model baring breasts seductively performs to the audience outside. A Policeman wearing a leather glove raises his hand and tries to disperse the crowd. Last glimpse of model.

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