Film: 11737

Railways | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Euston To Glasgow by steam train in 1909 LNWR Caledonian
excellent restaurant car with waiters

A large steam locomotive leaves a train station platform.

Intertitle 'In the luncheon car' A man drinks from a glass as he is seated at a table. The camera pans across the aisle to show men and women eating or dining. A waiter moves in between the compartments with a napkin over his arm, he spoons out cream or sugar. He then carries plates away.

Intertitle 'Racing the L& N.W Scotch Express'. Another train travels along parallel, the coal car behind the locomotive. The train stretches out behind the locomotive as a corner is turned.

Intertitle 'Owre the Border and Awa'. Caledonian train ascending Beattock Summit'. Good shot of steam locomotive coming up incline with steam puffing out furiously, view of the side of the train as it passes

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