Film: 11738

Railways | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Rothman Consulate cigarette advert on Severn Valley Railway 1970's

A white sports car driving along a country road. A road sign warning of a level crossing. A Car stops on the level crossing. Close up of a hand turning the key to restart the car. Close up of fuel gauge showing empty. A woman in the car pulls down the window and listens. The barrier comes down on the crossing and the warning bell rings. A front view of the car on the crossing Reg No DHO 300F. The train approaching, Locomotive 43106. The woman in the car looks worried and tries to open the door but fails.
A man dressed in white with a pink cravat looks on calmly from a jeep by the crossing. He coolly takes a cigarette and lights up before deciding to smash the barrier and putting the cigarette packet in his white jeans pocket. He proceeds to take off his belt which puzzles the woman. He ties his belt around the bumper of the two vehicles and then tows the broken-down car out of danger just as the train approaches. The man like a gentleman opens the car door and offers the woman a cigarette. A close up of her face as she takes the cigarette from the packet in her mouth. 'Cool clean Consulate'.

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