Film: 1175

Road Transport | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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A record of the last weekend of Glasgow trams 1960's
Opening sequences: Tram on transport vehicle going past St. Pancras Station on route to the Science Museum, Kensington, London. Panning shot of tram under tarpaulin being transported through London 'Glasgow Corporation' clearly visible on side of train. Rooftop shots of Glasgow tram car. Workshop with route destinations and numbers shown across. Cobbled streets. Men leave factory. Newspaper advertising boards tell of the death of the trams or 'caurs'. Entrance to Central Station. Tram goes under bridge near Union Street. Exterior tram with passengers. Tram yard with old models in sidings. Trongate. Diesel bus. Tram tracks. Doors of D.W. Henderson shipyard close. Shipyard cranes in background. Number nine tram at night. Female conductors and drivers. Telstar, a pop song of the time plays on soundtrack. Tram car viewed from bay. Tram leaves terminus station. Streets scenes of tram travelling through Partick and Partick Cross. Exterior of Plaza ballroom. Young girls playing in close or tenement. Exterior tram during daylight hours. Glasgow suburbs. Great Western Road. Auchenshuggle. Points are changed, seats are reversed. Tram makes return journey to Dalmuir West. Young man takes photographs of last tram. Crews switch. Glasgow Corporation transport badge. Tram inspectors in full uniform. Transport Museum with trams dating from 1910. Scrapyard with several trams no longer used. Burnt out shells of tram cars. Interior tram car in daylight. Driver at controls. Band can be heard faintly in background. Tram passes under bridge near Union Street in daylight. Trams are dismantled and burnt. Drivers rest room with drivers playing cards. Most smoke. Women tram drivers lose out more than the men. They will not be employed as bus drivers. Employment discrimination. Various shots of interior and exterior of trams. Passengers. Tram passes Kelvin Hall. Last tram approaches depot. Dalmarnock depot tram crews hold a funeral wake. Dancing. Accordion player and band. Old and young drivers talk, drink. People dance the Twist. Streets are lined with people. Tram disappears into depot. Final shot of tram driver waving to his fellow driver.

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