Film: 11759

Science | 1960 | Sound | B/W + Colour


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Very brief clips of American space exploration. Commentary has a very "god bless America" feel to it 1960's

Opens on aerial shot of huge satellite dish. Possibly in the desert as there are few surrounding buildings. Two men in a control room (one standing, one sitting) examine panels and dials. Flickering pictures from the Mars probe - glob of light on the left of the screen, and type on the right, black background. Mars as seen from space. Mars and satellite shot from space. Shot of space telescope. Back to probe pictures - Mars can now be seen as a sphere of light. Moon seen from lunar module window - near to the planet so the surface looks like a flat landscape. Probe lands on the planet - shot from the same camera at the window.

Footage of Neil Armstrong disembarking the lunar module and climbing down "the ladder of success". This footage was shot by Buzz Aldrin who is still in the module. Armstrong on the surface is in the shadow of the lunar module. Pan around the surface of the moon from the camera on the module. USA flag very apparent.

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