Film: 11773

War + Military | 1900 | Sound | B/W


Pre World War One arms race around 1910 to 1914 with possibly the Kaiser, Lloyd George and Asquith. Dreadnought battleships and acceleration of military arms race and the last summer before world war one .

Edward VII with a London street of crowds either side of the processional way and mounted soldiers ride past in military braiding and top hats followed by the open carriage of the King in a military hat and plumes who waves a white gloved hand and then followed by the Household cavalry in pointed brass helmets. A group of men mount a wooden staircase, some are military some in top hats possibly including Asquith. A man hanging down the side of a warship. The guns on the side of a battleship are lowered as it turns in salute. View of two large warships in the harbour.
"Naval Crisis! Official vote of censure Germany Building" words seen printed in a newspaper column.
"Dreadnoughts Mr Asquith and Germany Colonies active" newspaper column. "Fiddle While Rome Burns Cabinet's surprising Naval Policy" newspaper column.
"Asquith's Chance Will he promise "the Eight" newspaper column.
Lloyd George shaking hands with a large group of men in top hats and women. The close view of the hull of a ship with chains as it slides down the slipway as it is launched, the crowds move in the get a better look as it descends to the water - a Dreadnought is launched. An official visit by carriage moving away form the camera, mounted escort on either side. Aerial view of a port.
Cornish Riviera Express train at the platform as passengers prepare to board the train, men in top hats and bowler hats carrying a suitcase. Railway Guard on the platform looks at his watch and waves off the train with his flag. A group of charabancs depart. Pleasure rowing boats on a river packed with people. A field of wheat. A view across a field to a church.
"Austrian Heir and His wife Murdered" news paper column. Crowds of people on shore near a rowing eight. Crowds watch a rowing race on the river. Young boys jump into the river and splash. Ladies cycling away from us perhaps a cycling tour. A motor car with two men bumps long the road.
"All Europe Alarmed" news paper column overlaid with people on a pebbly beach. A group of people paddling in the sea with their skirts held up. Busy beach or seaside scene with school boys wrestling and playing on the beach with others moving deck chairs. A group of girls in long swimsuits and head scarves near some bathing huts on the beach. In the sea two women stand and paddle others dive and splash about, the last section overlaid with newspaper column " With France and Russia Luxemburg invaded by Germans Italy neutral" Large paddle steamer packed with holidaymakers on the river. Speed boat. Girls and boys on a fairground ride. Donkey derby race. Swinging boats ride at the fair. On the gallopers roundabout. Group of jolly girls. Top of the roundabout turning with flags. Swinging boats ride at the fair. Act of Parliament with official wax seals and signatures. Men in top hats possibly the cabinet members exit a building and enters a fleet of cars. Crowds of men line the street. A lone mounted policemen moves though a crowded street. A large crowd of men all wave to camera waving their straw boaters in the air. Trafalgar Square London a large political meeting with banners near the lions. Huge quiet crowd all holding black umbrella in the rain at the base of Nelson's column. A young Winston Churchill in naval uniform mounts steps from a launch boat. A sailors using the ship's telegraph in the radio room. A ship's captain.

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